In the past few years Nicky Brouwer (known as DJ GRINEX) was very busy to find his own way in producing his own style that fits DJ GRINEX and its energy.

The Dutch producer released his first track/single/theme “Chakra” in 2017 on Spotify. While still producing his own records and increasing his reach on Social Media, DJ GRINEX has taken his ambition for DJ and producing seriously. Besides producing we cannot forget the energy he is pumping into his DJ mixes on Youtube and Soundcloud over and over again.

The biggest genres in the house scene are his best. (Edm, Electro House, Big room, House, Tech House). DJ Grinex brings sounds of energetic and electric vibes which he combines to a whole new level for people to experience. Certainly many more is following up for DJ GRINEX as a DJ and producer.




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